Interrailing Days 9-11: Keszethley

After our busy city hopping week we set off to Keszethely, a city situated on the edge of Lake Balaton, Hungary, for a bit of sunbathing and relaxing. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures of Keszethley, due to the fact that as soon as we arrived I suffered major anxiety issues. The isolation of Keszethely and the lack of an airport near by made me feel exceedingly trapped, and I cried a lot of the time in Keszethely.

That having been said, Lake Balaton is a beautiful place, and the pictures you see above our taken from a boat we rented for two hours (which turned into 1 in a half hours when an untimely storm and the Hungarian Police called us to shore). I also reccommend a ten minute bus ride to the near by town of Heviz, which houses a Geothermal and Medicinal Lake.

And if you love festivals, Lake Balton hosts a festival 'Balaton Sound' featuring world class DJ's, where you can party the night away by the beach in the boiling hot sun!

What I am LIstening to this Week #29

The music that our parents listen to when we are growing up often define our own music tastes. For me I have a lot of fond memories of my parents blasting out music on the stereo, either in the car, my home, or our flat in Scotland. And now a lot of the music I love to listen to is music that my parents love to listen to too. So I thought for todays playlist I would list some of the songs that shaped my childhood.

1. Adam and the Ants- Antmusic My Mum is a huge fan of glam rock, and I have great memories of my Mum doing some weird drumming dance routine around our kitchen.
2. T. Rex- Children of the Revolution According to my mother, Marc Bolan would have been my father, had he not crashed into a tree. I think this is rather wishful thinking on my Mum's half, but I have to admit, Mr Bolan made some great music. I remember this being blasted out in our little flat in Scotland and my sister, who was two at the time, running around in her baby grow, dancing.
3. Dexys Midnight Runners- Geno My Dad loves a bit of punk and on long car rides I remeber listening to the album Teenage Kicks and singing along to every song. I even learnt some history from The Strangler's- No More Heroes.
4. Aretha Franklin- Respect We love Motown in our household, and again I have great memories of dancing around the kitchen and singing at the top of our voices to Aretha Franklin (and secretly wishing I was as sassy and amaaazing as she is).
5. Jam- A Town Calle Malice Apparently when my Mum used to drive around places with me in my baby seat, she played this song, and I used to dance around in my baby seat with my toy pig, Babe. I used to do it everytime, and was quite enthusiastic, not that I remember it....

OOTD: Darccy London Jacket

As those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram may know, I recently won a blog givaway, which was rather exciting! The lovely Laura from Tiny Twist hosted a give away on her blog to win a item of clothing of your choice from Darccy London, a vintage inspired clothing store that has a beautiful range of girly lace dresses, fitted frock coats and dreamily floaty tops.

I picked this stunning cream coat, also known as the Long Sugar Jacket. It has some gorgeous detailing, from the lace band around the middle to the scalloping edges down the side. On the website the jacket also came with a silk ribbon, which was used to cinch the jacket around the waist, however my jacket was without ribbon, but I intend to hit up my local haberdashery soon and purchase some ribbon of my own.

I paired the jacket with a plain black camisole and my trusty Asos A-Line Scuba style skirt (which has appeared in another OOTD here). I went with some simple jewelry in order to let the coat do the talking.

P.S. The feet in the last shot are my little sister's, she wanted to appear on the blog, and she deserved a little thank you for taking all my photos!

Coat- Darccy London
Camisole- Primark
Skirt- Asos
Shoes- Primark
Neckalce- Asos (similar)
Silver Charm Bracelet- Vintage
Pottery Bracelet- Prague Market


Recently the lovely Megan from Thumbelina Lillie started a project called #ProjectBareAll with the aim of helping women be confident in their own skin, sans make-up. Bloggers up and down the UK have been taking part in this amazing project, so I too thought I would upload a make-up free selfie, and share with you what make-up means to me.

Unlike most girls in high school I was never particularly bothered with makeup. I have never suffered from Acne or bad skin (I am very lucky), and am often too lazy to put alot of make up on. However, when I reached 16, I suffered from a bout of Mental Health issues (which you can read about here). I couldn't look at myself, I wouldn't go outside, bathe or wash my hair. Then my parents began forcing me to go outside, and I would panick if I didn't have any make-up on. Make-up began to be something of a mask for me, I wasn't so bothered about how I looked, but I liked the routine of putting make-up on, the safety blanket it created when I went out. It was as if I beleived make-up could hide my illness.

Roll on two years later and I am no longer using make-up as a mask for my illness. I do wear make-up more often, mainly cause I have had a lot more break outs since I turned 18, and I have become slightly more image concious, could be something to do with the fact I have a boyfriend who is obssessed with looking at my face up close and personal.... 

I managed to go two weeks without make-up whilst Interrailing in Europe, and I can just about manage to not cringe or hide my face behind a pillow when my boyfriend looks at me in the morning. I am enjoying being more comfortable in my own skin, and wearing no make-up often means an extra 15 minutes in bed.

There will still be those days where we will all look at our selves in the mirror and only see breakouts, giant pores and dark circles, and will reach for the foundation and start covering up, but it is so important to be comfortable with who you are, in your own skin. Just remember, nobody is flawless.

So I encourage you all to take part in Megan's project, and upload a make-up free selfie to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ProjectBareAll.

Interrailing Days 6-8: Prague


Prague roughly marked the halfway point of our journey, and what a beautiful way to mark half way. I was a bit apprehensive about our Prague stop,as we were staying in a 36 man dorm, but our hostel, the Czech Inn was beautifully styled and equipped, with a bunk bed, huge lockable box and charging point for each person.

As Prague was so cheap we ate out quite a lot, and this included more than a few cocktails, and my favourite, Tequila Sunrise! One warning I do have about Prague is there 'no tap water' policy. Where ever we ate we found that no one would serve tap water, and for people on a budget that is something to bear in mind.

Things to do in Prague:
  • Visit Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and the winding streets that feed off it.
  • Find a market for some great bargains
  • Visit Jazz and Blues Club Ungelt for a relaxed evening full of music. We were also lucky enough to see a bit of Prague's Bohemia Jazz Festival that was going in the main square.
  • Visit the Astrological Clock on the hour
  • Rent pedallows and view Prague from the river (however, there were a few bloated dead sewer rats floating in the river, so not one for the faint hearted!)
  • Look out for buskers the 'Crocodile Quartet' a four piece string quartet who transform classics such as 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' with enjoyment and vigour.

What I am Listening to this Week #28

1. Izzy Azalea- Fancy I am not usually a fan of this type of music, but this song has made it onto this weeks playlist largely due to it's music video. Izzy has recreated scenes from the movie Clueless, with herself playing Cher, and who doesn't love a bit of Cher.
2. Pretty Reckless- Heaven Knows I really enjoy listening to rock music, and former Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen's band the 'Pretty Reckless' is back on the scene, with a new track, 'Heaven Knows'.
3. Pharrell Williams- Come Get it Bae There is just something about Mr Williams at the moment, he is everywhere, I mean literally EVERYWHERE, and yet again he has released a catchy, dance-along-to single.
4. Jack Johnson- Better Together 'Oh it's always better when we're together...' Everytime I listen to this song I imagine sitting in a hammock, sipping home made lemonade and watching the clouds float by. Jack Johnson, I love you (just thought I had to get that out there...)
5. Hudson Taylor- Chasing Rubies Raw, honest and beautiful music is often my favourite. Give me a duo and a guitar any day. Hudson Taylor are a folk/singer songwriter duo from Ireland, friends with Miss Gabriella Aplin and Lewis Watson, these guys are down to earth and just pretty amazing.

H&M Home Wishlist

H&M Home Wishlist
In a few months time I should be setting off for University (*cough* results pending *cough*), and this, combined with the recent interior photos and post from the lovely Kate off of gh0stparties, has sent me into an interior frenzy. I love homeware shopping at the best of times, and now that I have a semi-excuse to shop for new bedding and blankets I have been trawling the likes of Ikea, Zara Home, and in particular H&M Home for bits and bobs I may need. In my opinion H&M have been killing it recently in the interior department. So I thought I would create two little wishlists for you, one of soft furnishings, and one of decorative pieces to show you what I have been lusting after recently. I am finding it hard to justify why I would need a copper lantern, but it is just so pretty....

1. Moss Knit Blanket- £49.99
2. Linen Blanket- £39.99
3. Woven Blanket- £14.99
4. Jacquard-Weave Blanket- £24.99
5. Boucle Blanket- £24.99
6. Postcard Pillowcase- £3.99
7. Boucle Cushion Cover- £7.99
8. Cotton Cushion Cover- £3.99
9. Linen Cushion Cover- £12.99
10. Cotton Cushion Cover- £6.99
11. Grey Duvet Cover Set- £14.99

H&M Home Wishlist 2

1. Copper Lantern- £12.992. Lantern- £4.99
3. Metal Tealight Holder- £1.50
4. Glass Box- £9.99
5. Animal Candles- £1.99
5. Glass Vase- £4.99
6. Wooden Box- £12.99
7. Wooden Tray- £12.99
8. Metal Wire Basket- £7.99
9. Glass Bottle- £6.99
10. Bunny Mug- £3.99
11. Glass Jar- £5.99, Glass Jar- £1.99
12. Metal Tin- £7.99